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Arkansas Rice Update 8-18-23

by Jarrod Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist - August 18, 2023

Arkansas Rice Update 2023-22

August 18, 2023

Jarrod Hardke

“So don’t stop runnin’ boy, don’t be naïve.”


The Heat is On

A nice cooldown for a few days this week seems to have most in a good frame of mind right now.  It brought a very definitive break in nighttime temperatures as well, which is always a positive.

It’s hard to dislike the upcoming forecast too much.  It’s definitely getting a little warmer through next week (a possible 100 degree day?) but it’s dry (Fig. 1).  That’s a positive move as more combines hit the field every day.  In the coming week many more will be hitting the ground running as moisture finishes falling out.

Early yield reports are very positive so far, though there have been few verified yields so far.  We’ll await milling yield reports as well to see if we start off on the right foot there.  We're probably around 5% or less harvested at this point.

Also, sometime in the next week, some research trials should be near ready for harvest and we’ll start to get a look at their performance along with some early comparisons of new cultivars that will be a look at opportunities for next year.

From here on Rice Updates will be sent out as issues arise or other relevant data and information come up that need to be addressed.  If there are topics you’d like to see addressed, let us know.

Good luck and be safe as we dive into harvest.

Let us know if we can help.

Fig. 1.  NOAA 7-day precipitation forecast.

NOAA 7-day precipitation forecast


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FireSMART App Available for Prescribed Burning

As harvest begins, the opportunity for preparing fields for next season will also soon begin.  For those fields where burning of rice residue may be an appropriate option, there is a new tool available.

The FireSMART mobile app ( was released last year to offer row crop producers and forest landowners a simple, easy way to check conditions and report prescribed burns.

With the new app, producers can select the area they plan to burn on a map and the application will generate real-time weather data, letting producers know if current conditions align with the state’s Voluntary Smoke Management GuidelinesUnder these guidelines, producers and landowners report prescribed burns to the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Dispatch Center.  The FireSMART app also streamlines this process, making the app a one-stop shop for reporting and information.

Not only will burning under the best conditions lead to a better residue burn in the field, it will also minimize potential impact on surrounding areas.


DD50 Rice Management Program is Live

The DD50 Rice Management Program is live and ready for fields to be enrolled for the 2023 season.  All log-in and producer information has been retained from the 2022 season, so if you used the program last year you can log in just as you did last year.  Log in and enroll fields here:


Use the Arkansas Rice Advisor Internet App!

The Arkansas Rice Advisor site functions like an app on your mobile device.  There you can readily access the DD50 program, rice seeding rate calculator, drill calibration, fertilizer and N rate calculators, publications, and more.


Additional Information

Arkansas Rice Updates are published periodically to provide timely information and recommendations for rice production in Arkansas.  If you would like to be added to this email list, please send your request to

This information will also be posted to the Arkansas Row Crops blog ( where additional information from Extension specialists can be found.

More information on rice production, including access to all publications and reports, can be found at


We sincerely appreciate the support for this publication provided by the rice farmers of Arkansas and administered by the Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board.

The authors greatly appreciate the feedback and contributions of all growers, county agents, consultants, and rice industry stakeholders.




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